Target Groups

The projects supported by the Schmitz Foundations are directed to people who live in poverty and are regarded as particularly disadvantaged by the local population. It is often the case that these people are scarcely able to participate in the life of the community and suffer from supply shortages and symptoms of deficiency.

Wide-ranging effects
The projects we support are intended to have wide-ranging effects by helping as many of those in need as equitably as possible. Hence our activities are directed mainly to groups, for instance village communities, credit circles or cooperatives, as well as to very specific target groups, such as street children or orphans, youngsters from broken or damaged homes, those facing social exclusion, and other disadvantaged groups in the population.

Reinforcing local efforts
Priority is   given to supporting target groups that had already taken the initiative before the project began, and have, by their own efforts, demonstrated great interest in the project. Time has shown that a high degree of motivation and personal commitment on the part of the group, an acceptance of innovation and identification with the idea behind the project and its implementation, are the decisive criteria for a successful outcome.

Hence we give priority to target groups who have already taken the initiative before the project starts and who show through their own efforts and input their genuine commitment to ‚their‘ project.

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