Schmitz-Hille Foundation

The Schmitz-Hille Foundation was established in Thun, Switzerland, as a private, legally independent foundation for development aid by its founder Werner Peter Schmitz in 1996.

As a non-profit and charitable institution it is exempt from corporation tax and operates under the supervision of the Swiss federal authorities, as, in accordance with its aims, it is of international significance.

As prescribed in its Articles of Incorporation, the Schmitz Hille Foundation provides support to those  parts of the world where need exists, especially in projects providing job-training for young people and in re-socialisation projects for children and young people. In addition it supports social charitable projects.

In performing its work, the Schmitz Hille Foundation works in close co-operation with its sister organisation the Werner Peter Schmitz Foundation. They coordinate the type of work they do and the areas in which they do it.