Self-Image and Philosophy

Talking and listening to each other
In our partner countries we especially work with severely disadvantaged people. Together we try to find out what can be done locally to improve their living conditions.

Seeking solutions together
From our many visits and on-the-spot discussions we know that money is not always the main thing. Useful and lasting help can be effected even with very small sums.

Showing new perspectives, presenting alternatives
For example, with job training we can give young people new opportunities and perspectives for their future development.

Reinforcing local efforts
We want to strengthen the self-confidence of people living in poverty and support them in their endeavours to improve their situation by their own efforts.

For us “Help for self-help“ means enabling people to analyse their situation, seek solutions and develop self-initiative.

Good ideas, the exchange of know-how, education and training are often the best help we can give. Financialsupport to realise good ideas is of particular importance for those poor people who have no access to conventional financial services.

Collaborating as partners
In everything we do, we believe that mutual trust, treating each other as partners, is the essential foundation of successful collaboration.

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